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Latest Additions

Quick Guide for New Christians

Did you just become a Christian and you’d like some guidance on what to do next? Or, have you been a Christian for a while but want to make sure you’re on the right track?

The Quick Guide for New Christians gives you 7 basic steps to get you started on your journey with Jesus.

>> View / Download the “Quick Guide for New Christians” (or Google Docs)

Know the Truth Booklet

Who is God? Who is Jesus? Can I have a real relationship with God? What is the meaning of life?

All these questions and more are explored in the Know the Truth Booklet.

>> View / Download the “Know the Truth” Booklet  (or Google Docs)

When you feel sad, depressed or frustrated by the bad things that happen in life, where can you go for help?

There is hope! The Bible offers real answers to tough questions about the difficulties we face in our lives.

>> View / Download the “Hope For Tough Times – Bible Verse Reference Sheet”  (or Google Docs)

(a)  Have you put your spiritual life on the back burner but have recently found yourself searching for answers?
(b)  Are you a seeker looking for answers about God?
(c)  Are you trying to figure out which religion is the right one?
(d)  Are you wondering if God is really real?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, check out the Seeking God Workbook.  This quick guide is less than 20 pages long but is stuffed with fascinating questions and practical tips that will help you dive deeper into your spiritual beliefs.

>> View / Download the “Seeking God Workbook” (or Google Docs)